Guide to shipping during Hari Raya

shipping box size for Hari Raya

Singapore is a small country, and so, it can be rare to see our iconic culture and artefacts in other countries. For Singaporeans abroad, the lack of Singapore flavour around them may have them missing Singapore. This is especially so during festive seasons, such as Hari Raya.  JustShip has supported many shippers on their journey […]

What’s The Best Way To Ship To Australia?

cheapest way to ship to australia

Perhaps you’re moving from Singapore to Australia and shipping your items there. You heard that the default option would be shipping from Singapore to Australia via SingPost. Perhaps you wondered whether that would be the best or cheapest way to send luggage to Australia. In today’s blogpost, we will cover some key concepts to help […]

Which is The Best International Courier Service in Singapore?

courier service singapore

Many often ask, which is the best international courier service in Singapore? In this post, we will draw out some important factors to use when comparing international courier services. These will help you to form your view of what’s best for you by identifying your needs and being informed on how to compare how well […]

Why Shipping to the USA is so popular

shipping from us to singapore

For the uncertain reader who is thinking of shipping from Singapore to the USA, read on to find out why US is such a popular shipping destination for users of JustShip. Through this process, you may find yourself gaining the confidence you need to make that move to ship what you need to ship. 1. […]

JustShip’s Comprehensive Guide to Shipping Guitars

Vintage 1962 Stratocaster Rare!

The Guitar: What does it mean to people? Without a shadow of a doubt, the guitar is an instrument that forms a core part of most modern bands. The guitar was first developed in the 1300s, but when we think of it as a modern instrument, one can look back to the 1950s, when the […]

[May 2022] Price Comparison: JustShip VS Speedpost Express

May 2022 – Price updates to SpeedPost Express Due to the increase in operational costs, prices in fuel as well as the greater demand for international shipping, many courier services have reacted and increased their charges. Customers pay more for the same service. JustShip, however, for the time being, has decided to maintain its current […]