No matter what industry you're in, or where your customers are in the world, JustShip has the best shipping options for small business.

JustShip works with hundreds of small businesses in Singapore to fulfil their overseas orders within 5 working days. Take advantage of our special small business shipping rates today! Fill up our business enquiry form to get started.

Cheap, fast and easy order fulfilment

Delivery to 220+ countries within 2-4 days

No minimum order size

Secure in-house packing

No complicated setup

Preferential rates for businesses shipping overseas

No more tedious paperwork

Glad I found a reliable shipping partner for my e-commerce business.

- Sherrie Han

Founder, The Eliana Timekeeper

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To enjoy our preferential business rates and discuss how we can help grow your business, get in touch! Use our instant rate calculator to find out how much you'll save if you partner with us.


JustShip is the most trusted courier service

in Singapore for businesses of all sizes, with 2,000 satisfied customers and counting. 

Price Comparison - Shipping to USA (Corporate Rate)

What we can do for your business

We receive a list of orders from you, through a format most convenient for your company.

We'll pick your shipments up from anywhere in Singapore within 24 hours.

Your shipment leaves on a plane within 24 hours to anywhere on earth, with comprehensive tracking and insurance coverage options.

We'll pack your shipments for free at our warehouse, saving you time and money. We also offer fulfilment services starting from $12 per metre cube of warehousing space per month, and a 0% transaction fee. 

Your parcel arrives at your customer's doorstep, within 4 or fewer days from order placement.

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