JustShip: Holistic Small Business Shippers – Storage, Worldwide Delivery and More

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Small business owners have a lot on their plate. They’re juggling everything from marketing to sales, and it’s all happening while running a business. It can be hard to find time for shipping, but JustShip has you covered! We offer small business shipping solutions including storage, worldwide delivery, and more. With our services, we will […]

Parcel Tracking That Retains Customers

Parcel Tracking

Are you an e-commerce business owner that ships internationally to your customers? Here are some tips on how doing parcel tracking the right way can improve your customers’ experience with you. Parcel tracking may seem like a small part of the purchase process, but parcel tracking is one of the building blocks to customer satisfaction, […]

Shipping Medical Equipment internationally

JustShip is a cheap ship courier that provides fast and affordable international shipping for small businesses. If you are a medical equipment exporter that is looking for medical equipment shipping to USA and worldwide, JustShip specialises in international exports and offers professional packing services as well. We offer insanely low shipping rates to small businesses who wish to ship their packages internationally.

Shipping Artwork Internationally

The process of packing and shipping artwork internationally can be difficult. If you are looking for a company to help ship your artwork overseas, JustShip is the company for you. We have experience shipping countless of paintings around the world and have enough knowledge in shipping paintings internationally to help you ship your artwork.

Shipping Paintings Overseas

“While English is an international language, the Art language is the universal one.” – Sabina Hassan. Painting is one of the many forms of expressing emotions and exports of artworks have been increasing rapidly. In 9th place in the world, Singapore exported US$272.6 million worth of paintings and drawings overseas in 2019. (worldstopexports.com, 2021) For […]

Cheap Shipping for Small Businesses

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted many small businesses located in Singapore. Apart from the F&B industry, retail businesses that sell clothes and accessories have also been negatively impacted. In response to the pandemic, many businesses have seized the opportunity and turned to digital means to deliver their products to their customers. For businesses in the […]