Shipping Cameras Internationally

Shipping a camera overseas can be difficult. If you are looking for a hassle-free shipping experience, JustShip is an affordable ship courier that ships from Singapore to Worldwide. We also have certified dangerous goods specialists that will ensure your camera is shipped safely and without delays.

How to ship a Dangerous Good (DG) with JustShip

Shipping dangerous goods can be quite complicated. For customers who require more assistance in shipping lithium batteries, shipping shampoo, or any other form of dangerous goods, JustShip is well equipped with the knowledge to assist you in all the work, such as shipping declaration of dangerous goods, that is required to ship dangerous goods.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Does your item fall under the dangerous goods category? Dangerous goods are hazardous materials that might pose danger, either to the property they are held in or to the health and safety of the staff handling them. Objects that cause toxic fumes, fires, explosions, or leakages when exposed to vibrations, statics and variations in temperature […]

Shipping Electrical Machinery Overseas

Electrical machinery is one of the leading categories for exports in Singapore. In the year 2020, the product category ‘electrical machinery, equipment generated 132.2 billion USD which is 35% of Singapore’s total exports (, 2021). Electrical machinery shipping overseas is a difficult and expensive process. If you ship electrical machinery with sea freight, it will […]

The Why, What, and How of Shipping Electronics Overseas.

Shipping Electronics Overseas

What do a phone, a camera, a laptop all have in common? Lithium batteries. They are one of the most common ways to power any appliance, especially for daily electronic necessities. When you’re looking to ship laptops, or any other kind of electronics overseas, most shipping companies will flag this issue up to you. Does […]

Be Wary of Shipping these 3 Items to China

Everyday, our customers come in with a variety of requests – from shipping beef rendang to e-scooters – so much so that we’ve decided to roll out a series of articles for common restricted items per country. For this article we’ve chosen to start with the country that has the highest number of shipping requests […]