Shipping Paintings Overseas

“While English is an international language, the Art language is the universal one.” – Sabina Hassan. Painting is one of the many forms of expressing emotions and exports of artworks have been increasing rapidly. In 9th place in the world, Singapore exported US$272.6 million worth of paintings and drawings overseas in 2019. (, 2021) For […]

How To Send Oxygen To India

Oxygen Supply for India

As India continues to report over a hundred thousand cases daily, the demand for life-saving portable oxygen concentrators in India continues to surge. While many people from different countries rally to crowdfund and ship these oxygen concentrators to India, many barriers to shipping still exist. Firstly, import charges into India are very high. Secondly, India […]

Shipping Camping Gear overseas

For those who are big on overseas camping trips, you might have already experienced just how pricey it is to fly your camping gear with you. Is there a way for you to enjoy your overseas camping trip without burning such a big hole in your wallet? Well, fret not as there is indeed another […]

Shipping Shampoo Internationally

Shampoo is a necessity for most of us in our daily lives. It helps us remove unwanted sebum, dandruff, and other impurities. Over time, many companies have developed different types of shampoo designed for different types of hair types and different needs. Some shampoos help give users with thin hair more volume, whereas other shampoos […]

International shipping to Canada

With the rising affluence of Singaporeans, studying abroad has increasingly been a popular option. It used to be a common sight to see parents visit their children and vice versa during the holiday seasons. Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has thrown a spanner into the works. Many countries have placed travel restrictions and measures to minimize […]

International shipping to New Zealand: Fragile Items

Do you have fragile items that require shipping to New Zealand? Do you find yourself spending more money on packing materials for extra protection just so your item won’t arrive in pieces? Those extra costs that you use to buy more packing materials may not be necessary if you know exactly how to pack your […]