Shipping Medical Equipment internationally

JustShip is a cheap ship courier that provides fast and affordable international shipping for small businesses. If you are a medical equipment exporter that is looking for medical equipment shipping to USA and worldwide, JustShip specialises in international exports and offers professional packing services as well. We offer insanely low shipping rates to small businesses who wish to ship their packages internationally.

Oxygen Concentrators – What are they?

It is not easy to ship oxygen concentrator to India. Shipping costs can be prohibitive and navigating around the paperwork required can be a huge chore without the right information on hand.

Shipping medical supplies internationally

The medical supply delivery service market is expected to reach $96.11 billion (USD) by 2028 (, 2021). One of the factors driving the burgeoning medical supply delivery service market is the increasing demand for fast transportation of medical supplies. Furthermore, the occurrence of the current pandemic has further increased the demand for medical supply shipping. […]

Ship A Mask Campaign: JustShip Donation Outreach

As part of the nation-wide response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Singapore government gave out masks not once – but five times, including the NDP mask – in the last six months. Our friends in neighbouring countries have not been so lucky. India in particular has been one of the hardest hit by the virus, […]

Shipping Masks Overseas? Three Things to Know

We’ve had a huge influx of people wanting to ship masks to their significant others. Currently, sending masks is a “grey area” in international shipping – some countries are totally prohibiting it, some countries are restricting masks manufactured in certain countries. As the COVID-19 situation is changing every day, so are the rules. In this […]