Fast and cheap shipping from Singapore to Malaysia

Learning what you can ship from Singapore to Malaysia? JustShip offers quick shipping from Singapore to Malaysia, typically in 2-4 days. The best way to ensure you get fast shipping from Singapore to Malaysia is to avoid customs delays where possible. Here are some item categories that we’ve experienced customs delays and even rejections:- health […]

We’re changing our prices from 1 March 2021

JustShip is committed to bringing only the best customer experience for international deliveries. To stay true to these principles that lie at the core of JustShip, we will be increasing shipping rates to Australia by 3%, and to the UK and USA by 7%, with effect from 1 March 2021. This modest adjustment equates to […]

Looking for e-commerce shipping solutions in Singapore?

Are you an ecommerce seller based in Singapore? Looking to tap into the potential international market but unsure if you want to strain your existing resources, or channel resources away from your already tight budget? Tap into JustShip’s industry expertise to help your business reach out to overseas customers and outsource the workload. We’ve served […]

SingPost Overseas Shipping – International Price Comparison with JustShip

In our last article, we analysed how prices and services have changed in SingPost’s latest price restructuring press release. We found out that even though SingPost now offers free pick-up, the trade off is much higher prices. Well, SingPost’s not the only shipping provider in the market. JustShip offers cheap international shipping to global destinations […]

SingPost Overseas Shipping – October Price Adjustments Before & After

With more turning to international shipping to get food and goods across the ocean to their loved ones, shipping overseas has become the new norm amongst Singaporeans. When considering international shipping, SingPost comes to mind for nearly any Singaporean. It may be the most prevalent and accessible, but does SingPost truly offer the most competitive […]