SingPost Overseas Shipping – October Price Adjustments Before & After

With more turning to international shipping to get food and goods across the ocean to their loved ones, shipping overseas has become the new norm amongst Singaporeans. When considering international shipping, SingPost comes to mind for nearly any Singaporean. It may be the most prevalent and accessible, but does SingPost truly offer the most competitive […]

Cheap Hassle-free International Shipping with Free Pick Up Starting Today!

For the past three months we’ve had exceptional support from both customers and our e-commerce partners, that allowed us to grow as both a business and a brand. Each shipment that lands safely is a proud moment for us, and each piece of home we bring to our customer’s loved ones gives us satisfaction of […]

Two Hidden Costs When Shipping to Malaysia

One of Malaysia’s first responses to the burgeoning threat of Covid-19 was to implement a Movement Control Order. What initially should have been a 2 week restriction from March 18 has now been extended till 31 December, nearly 10 months later. Both Singaporeans and Malaysians alike have been greatly affected by this. Many who have […]

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Relatives Overseas? The JustShip Guide to Shipping Mooncakes

After National Day, there’s another celebration that most Singaporeans look forward to: The Mid-Autumn Festival (aka the Mooncake Festival). Usually, the F&B industry goes into overdrive. No longer do brands and bakeries congregate in shopping malls and event halls to display their latest mooncake flavours, Singaporeans have moved the mooncake business online. With Covid-19 changing […]

Cheapest Shipping to France (Singapore, Updated 2020)

With the COVID-19 pandemic rolling on with no end in sight, many of us have had to endure a painful separation from our loved ones. As many of us have relatives, children, or friends staying in France, it’s no surprise that we’d want them to receive a few gifts – to show how much we […]

The Hidden (Expensive) Shipping Costs of Delivering Clothes, and Two Tips to Avoid Them

When you think of international shipping, the first thing you’d probably think of is clothes. Clothing and accessories are one of the biggest shipping categories in the world, regardless of whether its e-commerce selling skirts, or relatives delivering hand-me-downs. However, there is a hidden (and expensive) shipping cost of delivering clothes. For example, sending a […]