7 Picking and Packing Tips To Ace Your Shipping Game

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With the ongoing pandemic, digital platforms have become the mainstay channel in providing clients with their required products, and people rely more on these channels. During the ongoing market shift, assessing what the client demands is essential for the business’s survival.  Surely, you have the best products to offer to your client and a website […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Courier Service

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International shipping has become an essential feature for digital retail businesses. If you are looking for a reliable and cheap courier service Singapore to deliver your packages across the border securely, you need to do some homework. Without a reliable courier service, you won’t earn your clients’ trust as it has become the vital factor […]

Shipping Cameras Internationally

Shipping a camera overseas can be difficult. If you are looking for a hassle-free shipping experience, JustShip is an affordable ship courier that ships from Singapore to Worldwide. We also have certified dangerous goods specialists that will ensure your camera is shipped safely and without delays.

How to ship a Dangerous Good (DG) with JustShip

Shipping dangerous goods can be quite complicated. For customers who require more assistance in shipping lithium batteries, shipping shampoo, or any other form of dangerous goods, JustShip is well equipped with the knowledge to assist you in all the work, such as shipping declaration of dangerous goods, that is required to ship dangerous goods.

Shipping Candles Internationally

If you wish to ship scented candles from Singapore to any country worldwide, here are 3 things to take note of when shipping them. For customers who wish to send parcel from Singapore to New Zealand, JustShip recently opened up shipping to New Zealand. We are a courier that provides cheap shipping from Singapore to New Zealand. Our professional packing services will ensure that the packing of your parcel is safe and compact to ensure a low shipping cost to New Zealand.

3 items that are risky to send to USA

When it comes to international shipping, one frequently asked question is whether an item can be shipped to a specific country. As a courier that provides international shipping, JustShip often encounters customers who have various worries about shipping certain items internationally. This is understandable, as shipping prohibited items can result in rejection at customs and […]