JustShip’s Comprehensive Guide to Shipping Guitars

Vintage 1962 Stratocaster Rare!

The Guitar: What does it mean to people? Without a shadow of a doubt, the guitar is an instrument that forms a core part of most modern bands. The guitar was first developed in the 1300s, but when we think of it as a modern instrument, one can look back to the 1950s, when the […]

Oxygen Concentrators – What are they?

It is not easy to ship oxygen concentrator to India. Shipping costs can be prohibitive and navigating around the paperwork required can be a huge chore without the right information on hand.

How To Send Oxygen To India

Oxygen Supply for India

As India continues to report over a hundred thousand cases daily, the demand for life-saving portable oxygen concentrators in India continues to surge. While many people from different countries rally to crowdfund and ship these oxygen concentrators to India, many barriers to shipping still exist. Firstly, import charges into India are very high. Secondly, India […]

How to pack guitars for international shipping

Music touches a deep part of the human heart in ways that we are still learning to understand. It is found in every culture around the world and is said to be a universal language. One of the most popular and widely used instruments throughout the years is the guitar. A reason for its popularity […]

The Why, What, and How of Shipping Electronics Overseas.

Shipping Electronics Overseas

What do a phone, a camera, a laptop all have in common? Lithium batteries. They are one of the most common ways to power any appliance, especially for daily electronic necessities. When you’re looking to ship laptops, or any other kind of electronics overseas, most shipping companies will flag this issue up to you. Does […]