Best Ways to Send Valentines Day Gifts Overseas

Send valentine's day gifts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Some say it’s an arbitrary day, but for many of us, it’s a good excuse to use to have yet another day to celebrate and appreciate our love for our partners (or partners to be). If your significant other is in a distant land this Valentine’s Day, read […]

How to ship bicycles overseas

For individuals who are big on traveling, there are several instances where you may opt for exploring the country on a bicycle. Bicycle touring has been growing in popularity all around the world and some travelers may prefer to have their bikes shipped to the country rather than renting a bike there. However, the process […]

Shipping heavy items to USA

Shipping heavy items to USA and looking for the cheapest way to send parcel to USA? Well, look no further as JustShip is the courier service you are looking for! JustShip is a courier service in Singapore that offers cheap shipping to USA and worldwide. We handle items of any size, shape, or weight. Many […]

Shipping small items to France

Having spent over a year staying in, surely some of you have taken advantage of the stay-home period and started an eCommerce store. This eCommerce store would act as a pastime, as well as an extra source of income for you. One popular example would be the creation of clay products ranging from earrings to […]

Four Common Packing Mistakes When Shipping Internationally

The process of shipping an item overseas can be confusing. The effort it takes to ship – from filling up forms to measuring, weighing, packing, and labeling – is overwhelming. We understand, we’re in the business after all. Here are the top four mistakes our customers unintentionally make when shipping. 1 Wrongly declaring your package’s […]

How We Helped Our Customer Cut Her Shipping Fee in Half

A few days ago we had a customer walk in and drop off a package to ship to France. Rachel’s request was simple: as a cultural exchange to her online friend Celeste, she wanted to send over a box of Singaporean snacks. Rachel came well prepared. She bought a huge box (30cm by 31 cm […]