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A friction-free shipping experience starts with us.

Got a package? JustShip with us today. 

Cheap shipping made easy.

Here's what you have to do.


Knowing how much to pay is the first step.

Once you're ready, fill up our shipping form. Ensure that all details are accurate.

Our payment methods are: PayPal, Debit or Credit.

Our delivery partners will pick up your package or you can drop it off at our office.




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You got ninety-nine problems and shipping ain't one.

Whether you're an e-commerce seller or simply want to ship internationally,

each service we offer is designed to make your shipping experience a breeze.

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Pick - Up

If you have 5 packages

or more, pick-up is free!


Pick-up starts at $8,

of any size and any weight.

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Our in-house packing specialists ensure that no package goes unprotected. 

A peace of mind starts at $3.

Packing & Boxes
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Ship out your package

for the price of a Grab

from Bedok to Bukit Batok.*

Singapore to Hong Kong

from as low as $23.**

*Through JustGrab, during non-peak hours, no other additional surcharges or discounts.

** Price not inclusive of pick-up surcharge, packing surcharge, insurance and other charges. Price based on 0.5kg weight. Prices are an estimate.

Customer Resources

Transparency is our policy. 

From blog articles to how-to videos, we've made it our job to ensure our clients have all the information on hand to make informed decisions about their shipments.

Cheap shipping from Singapore to Everywhere?


Cheap shipping from Singapore to China?


Cheap shipping from Singapore to USA?


We ship with FedEx International Priority for the most trustworthy results.

Full coverage tracking every step of the way.

Cheap international shipping and reliability go hand in hand here at JustShip. Hear from our clients and partners.

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The Eliana Time Keeper

Sherrie Han

E-Commerce Partner

"Shipped a few packages to Philippines and a few other countries and was happy with their competitive-rates and responsiveness. I also appreciated their advice on how I could pack my items in a more cost-efficient manner.


Glad I found a reliable shipping partner for my

e-commerce business"




Do I need a shipping label?


JustShip's base shipping fee covers all aspects of the shipping process. You don't need a shipping label or a printer, because we'll do that for you.

Once your package reaches our warehouse, we will begin processing immediately - when we're done, we'll send over the tracking number and you can track it via the FedEx website. 

Where does JustShip ship to?


We provide shipping to USA, shipping to India,
shipping to China,
shipping to Vietnam,
shipping to Australia,
shipping to every part of the globe, all for really cheap rates.

For the full list of countries, use our rate calculator! It also provides the most accurate quote and is the first step to shipping with JustShip.

How long does shipping take?

A package that leaves our warehouse generally takes 1 - 3 days to reach it's destination. In light of recent events we have informed all our customers that an additional day delay might be expected due to high shipment volumes.

Thank you for your understanding.


Do you ship ...?

We ship most items and do our best to help with most customers' shipping requests. 

However we cannot ship out prohibited items such as, but not limited to:


For any enquiries, contact us via WhatsApp, email us or leave a message below.

Contact Us

Due to on-going Covid restrictions, all drop-off clients will have to make a prior appointment.


Send us a text through our Whatsapp or email us at for our available time slots.

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