About Us


JustShip began our operations in the midst of the pandemic. Our founders wanted to help:

(i) empower the everyday person to send gifts to their loved ones overseas, easily and affordably 

(ii) empower the everyday small business to expand their businesses internationally, easily and affordably

Now, JustShip provides a hassle-free international shipping experience for consumers and small businesses. We pick up our customers' items from their doorsteps for free, bring it to our warehouse to pack it, do all the cumbersome international paperwork for them, and ship it out using FedEx International Priority at insanely low rates typically reserved for large firms. Our parcels typically arrive at the recipient's doorsteps in 2-4 business days. 

At JustShip, we strongly believe in integrity.  We exercise it in every part of our work, and have built up a strong trust with our customers. See our glowing reviews on Google and Facebook.

Meet The Team

daniel ng.jpg

Daniel Ng


sherman lim.jpg

Sherman Lim


roger poh.jpg

Roger Poh


Eddie Poh


matthew ryan.jpg

Matthew Ryan

Business Development

trixie poh.jpg

Trixie Poh

Customer Experience

cavier ong.jpg

Cavier Ong

Business Development

Gideon Gibson

Systems Development

Mak Kun Han

Software Development