Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you provide?

How do I start shipping with JustShip?

What are your operating hours?

How can I contact you?


How do I arrange for a pick-up?

Can I choose my pick-up time?

What do I need to prepare for pick up?

I have an additional package for my new order. Can I pass it along with the original order scheduled for pick up today?

Can I reschedule/cancel my pick-up?

The courier is here, but my package is not ready! Can he wait for me?

Will you help pack/seal up my parcel during pick-up?

Drop off

May I come down to your warehouse to drop off my parcel?

Where can I drop off my parcel?

Can I drop off items and fill up the shipment form when I reach your warehouse?

What can I expect during my drop off?

Can I pay cash for my order when I drop off my parcel?

I have an urgent shipment but I am unable to drop off my itmes personally! May I opt for delivery to send my items to you?


What packing services do you offer?

How do you charge for packing?

Where is packing done?

My items are very fragile, how will you pack them?

Can I opt for packing services only?

The shipment cost after packing is out of my budget. Can I cancel?

Do you sell boxes?

Why was I asked to make a top up for my shipment order?


Do you ship via air or sea?

How long will it take my parcel to be delivered?

How do you charge for shipping?

Will my parcel be trackable?

Why do I need to provide the item cost?

Do you offer insurance?

Should I get insurance?

What are some items I cannot ship?

Why are there import charges incurred to my shipment?

Does your quote include customs tax?

What happens if my recipient does not pay for the import charges billed to him/her?

What other forms/permit will I need to ship my item?

What if my item is lost?

My package is delayed! What do I do?

My package is stuck at customs and based on FedEx track it seems like my shipment is pending information/documents. What should I do?

My package seems to be rejected and getting returned back to SG. What should I do?