How do I start shipping with JustShip?

1. Get a Quote. Head over to our Get-A-Quote page and fill in our rate calculator. The first step to shipping overseas is knowing how much you have to pay.

2. Shipping Form. Follow through by filling up our simple shipping form. We'll handle pick-up and packing here, so it's important to review and ensure all details are accurate. Payment will be made via PayNow based on your estimated dimensions you have given us. Dimensions are verified at our warehouse and we will contact you again for any payment adjustments.

3. Start Shipping! You can now kick back and relax. Our courier will pick-up your package and deliver it to us at our warehouse. Alternatively, drop-off is available at our office. Business hours are 10am - 5pm.

What payment methods I can use?

You can utilise PayNow or direct bank transfer to make your payments. This helps us keep our rates very affordable!

Do I need to print anything?

No. Just hand your item to be shipped to our courier and we'll take it from there!

What services do you provide?

JustShip offers cheap, hassle-free international shipping. We ship cheap, ship fast, and ship easy. Pick Up

  1. Drop-off (Appointment-based)
  2. Next Day* (Free! From October 3 2020)
*Our courier will come pick up from you, anywhere between from 10am - 5pm. For all locations in Singapore. There will be an additional fee should the location be in Sentosa, Tuas, and areas in the CBD and Changi. See here for the breakdown. Packing
Optional, from SGD3. We also do fragile item packing. If you are planning to ship restricted items such as lithium batteries, additional packing/repacking may be required. Whatsapp us for more information at 9647 7661.
Calculated based on package weight and dimensions. Package is delivered within 1-3 days, excluding delays. Insurance
Optional, insurance is pegged at 2.4% of your declared value.

What are your operating hours?

You can use our rate calculator or fill up our delivery form 24 hours a day, seven days a week. JustShip is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Is your get-a-quote accurate?

Yes! We charge shipping fees based on actual weight or volumetric weight of parcels, the higher of the two. When you complete the shipment form, we first charge you based on the dimensions and weight you have declared. Once your parcel arrives at our warehouse, we weigh and measure your parcel again. If the measurements deviate from what you initially declared, we will recalculate the final price and contact you again to make any payment adjustments. This include both top-ups and refunds! At JustShip, we strongly stand for integrity. We some times have to ask for top ups, especially when parcels bulge and are charged for a larger dimension. Similarly, we always refund customers for any over declared items, and many of our customers have built up a strong trust in us as a result.

Customs Taxes & Duties

I am sending a gift to a friend. Do I need to pay import tax?

Customs sometimes grant tax exemptions for gifts; i.e. the US Customs and Border Protection will not tax your gift if the item value is under 100 USD. To qualify for this, please indicate “Gift” as your shipping purpose. Please check with your destination country's customs on the tax regulations before shipping.

Does your quote include customs tax?

The total price does not include customs taxes, which are a separate fee charged by the destination country's customs subject to their regulation. You can estimate those charges using one of many online tax calculators such as this. By default, these fees will be imposed on recipients. If you would like for the sender to pay these fees, please contact us directly for more information.

My parcel was rejected at customs. What do I do?

Parcels are rejected at the mandate of the government of the destination country. This happens for a few reasons. One common reason is that the item is prohibited. Another common reason is that the sender or recipient did not pay the taxes or duties within the stipulated deadline given by customs. At this point, there are two options. The first is to return the shipment to you, this will cost you approximately 150% of your original shipping cost. The second option is to have it disposed at the destination country's customs for free. Unfortunately, the second option is subject to the approval of the destination country's customs, and often they do not approve for disposal. At JustShip, we try to help our customers prevent this from happening by giving guidance where possible regarding customs requirements. However, we do not offer a brokerage service, and our pricing model does not allow us the resources to give definitive advice, but only anecdotal advice. As a data point, only 1% of our shipments get returned.

I'm informed that I need to pay import taxes. How much do I need to pay?

This depends on both the country and the item's declared value. You can estimate those charges using one of many online tax calculators such as this. At this moment, JustShip cannot advise on such matters.

Please contact your destination country's customs for more information.


I don’t have a box. Does JustShip provide any?

Yes! We provide packing services for a small fee. This includes boxes, tape, bubble wrap, foam and professional packing services. We will also ensure that the volumetric weight is kept to a minimum so you save on shipping costs.

My item is very fragile. What should I do?

There will be additional charges for fragile packing. We have shipped pottery, glassware, artwork, VR, and arcade game equipment before. Fragile packing services are customised to your shipment's specific needs.

Whatsapp us directly at 9647 7661 or email us at hello@justship.sg for more information about your shipment.

How much do your packing services cost?

Packing starts from SGD 3, and will depend on your item's specific needs. Head over to our rate calculator to get a quote. For very large or complex shaped items, whatsapp us directly at 9647 7661 or email us at hello@justship.sg for a quote from our customer service officer.

I received an accurate quote after packing was done but the shipment cost is out of my budget. Can I cancel?

Yes. Orders can be cancelled at any point before shipments are passed on to FedEx. Refund for shipping cost will be made in full to customers, less the pick-up and packing cost if those services were rendered.


Why do I need to provide the item cost?

First, all items that are shipped into any country are inspected and cleared by the Customs of that particular country. Providing the item cost is usually required by law for most countries, as it is necessary in calculating how much import taxes or duties you will need to pay. Second, we will not be able to insure you unless you provide your item cost.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes. We offer insurance, pegged at 2.4% of your declared item cost. Note that this insurance is subject to terms and conditions. Items of extraordinary value and those items with a value that is difficult to ascertain may not be declared. Furthermore, note that this is conditional upon certain considerations (i.e whether the box was packed correctly, whether the box was already broken upon collection by courier, whether fragile items were wrapped with enough bubble wrap).

Should I get insurance?

While the decision is up to you, it is always best to insure your products. However, JustShip highly encourages all senders to package their items appropriately with high quality boxes, bubble wrap and styrofoam. Make sure your items are as protected as possible to lessen any problems with filling claims. Insurance cannot be claimed for shipping damages arising from inadequately packed shipments.

How long does international shipping take?

Upon collection of your parcel, JustShip takes 1-2 working day to process your shipment. After which, your package will typically reach its destination in 2-4 days.

There might be situations where it takes longer, i.e. bad weather conditions, customs clearance issues, Covid-19 pandemic delays, etc

When will I receive my tracking number?

Once both payment is verified and processing is completed, we will send you your tracking number. You can track your shipping journey here.

Will the delivery be made to-door?

Yes! Delivery will be made to-door and signed off by your recipient.

What if my item is lost?

If you purchased insurance, FedEx will compensate you for the value of your lost parcels.

Do you ship food?

Yes. However, shipping food is generally quite tricky.

Neither Fedex nor JustShip can advise accurately as the customs for the various countries do not release the full information. It really depends on the item so it’s best if you could contact the country’s customs via their website or customer service and enquire specifically.

Here’s our experience shipping food items:

  • No meat.
  • Sealed by original manufacturer.
  • Expiry date no longer than 6 months.
  • Not for commercial sale.

However, we have shipped food, skincare, products, TCM and health supplements before. Contact us for more information.

Where does JustShip ship to?

We ship to US, UK, Australia, France and Malaysia, and 13 other countries for consumers. See our get-a-quote for more information. For e-commerce partners, we ship worldwide. Customer experience is of the utmost importance to us, and while shipping companies do not deal with customs regulations , we want to better manage the customs risks for our customers where possible. For now, we have chosen to focus our support to consumers shipping to 18 countries. E-commerce partners tend to be more familiar with the shipping regulations for their specific items, and require less support. This is also why we continue to ship worldwide for them.

Do you ship lithium batteries?

Yes, we do. Depending on the size, quantity and shipment, there might be additional paperwork. We might also need to repack your package due to certain regulations for lithium batter shipping.

What is a rural surcharge?

A rural surcharge, also known as a out-of-delivery area surcharge, is an additional charge imposed to remote locations. Your destination might be one of them. Whatsapp us directly for more information.

What items are prohibited for shipping?

As a quick answer:

  1. Meat products
  2. Foodstuffs that have been opened
  3. Flammable liquids
  4. Combustible items
  5. Alcohol and perfume.
For more certainty and specificity, visit FedEx's website and see their global, country and territory specific lists for prohibited and restricted items.

Do you ship to PO boxes?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver to PO boxes.


I need to manage pick-up, what time will your courier come?

Our delivery couriers will pick-up from you anywhere between 10am-5pm. We send an ETA on the day itself.

Please note that for our courier will only wait for 10mins at the designated pick-up location before leaving. Should they be required to wait longer than that, you will incur a $10 fee for every subsequent 10 minutes of wait.

Contact us if you require more information.

I missed my pick-up timing, can I reschedule?

Yes, but if our courier has already begun making their way to your location or arrived at your location and could not reach you within 10 minutes, it will be considered a failed pick up, which will be charged at $8.

Yes, you can reschedule your pick-up timing anytime before 9am on the day of pick-up.

However, if the notice of rescheduling was given past 9am of the designated pick-up date, you will incur an additional fee of $8.

I have an urgent last minute matter, can I cancel?

Yes, you may cancel the pick-up. However, you will incur an $8 fee if the notice of cancellation was given past 9am of the designated date of pick-up.

I need to ship urgently! Can I have it picked up today?

Yes! We provide same day pick-up at SGD 18.

Whatsapp us to arrange for same day pick-up at 9647 7661.

I want to drop off my items. How can I do so?

We are located at Unity Centre, 51 Bukit Batok Crescent, #08-18. Singapore 658077

Our office hours are 10am-12nn, 1pm-4pm.
Make your order on this form and arrange for a drop-off appointment with us.

I need more time! Can the courier wait for me?

If the courier has already arrived and waited for 10min at your pick-up location, a $10 surcharge will be incurred for every subsequent 10min the courier is made to wait.


Do you have special rates for e-commerce?

Yes, we do! If you have a minimum shipping volume of $500 per month, please contact us directly for more information. Whatsapp us at 8869 4757, or email us at business@justship.sg.

What partnerships do you currently have?

We have helped our partners in the healthcare, apparel, sports, collectible cards, artwork, and automobile industries deliver hundreds of shipments so far.

Whatsapp us at 96477661 or email us at hello@justship.sg to be part of our partners.

I am a small business that requires daily packing and shipping services. Can you help?

Yes! We can pick up daily from your place, pack and ship your items for you. Reach out to us at 96477661 for more information.


I have made a mistake in my order, and would like to cancel it. Can I do so, and will I be refunded?

Orders can be cancelled at any point before shipments are passed on to FedEx. Refund for shipping cost will be made in full to customers, less the pick-up and packing cost if the services were rendered.

I want to request for a refund. What situations allow me to do so?

Refunds are issued post-shipping on a case to case basis for operational exceptions, such as loss or damage of shipment attributable to JustShip.

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