The surge of COVID19 cases within dormitories heavily affected 0ur migrant workers.

It was in such an environment that the Healthserve project came to be.

Partnering with Healthserve, JustShip packed up to 3500 care packages for the migrant workers in Singapore as a small token of appreciation, for the hands that built modern Singapore.


It began with an email from Yvonne from Healthserve – an organisation dedicated to helping migrant workers.

They told us that they were thinking of having 1000 care packages (packed with garments and culturally sensitive appropriate foodstuff) sent to the migrant workers!

Although JustShip’s main focus was international shipping rather than packing, we took part in this initiative because recognised the need for us to be socially responsible. 

And thus, the Healthserve partnership was formed.


 The overall planning process took about 1 to 2 weeks. There was a lot of back and forth discussion and coordination, as the plans were constantly evolving.

Eventually, the number of care packages increase from 1000 to 3500! It was a new challenge for us, especially since we were a lean, mean team of 10.


Our second challenge was working within the small confines of our office, with a lean mean team of 10. We were almost drowning in the items when they arrived at our office!

We dedicated 2 hours daily to pack the care packages. It was all hands on deck! The work was shared among everyone, and each of us was deployed at designated “stations” to increase the efficiency of our packing. This process went on for over a week before we finally completed all 3500 care packages!


Even though every staff had to handle roughly 350 care packs each, we still managed to have fun in the process!

Overall, the project was a great team bonding session as it also provided an opportunity to learn more about each other while packing.

We are grateful that we got to be part of this fulfilling project in appreciating our migrant workers in Singapore. We hope that our feelings were conveyed successfully and that the migrant workers can find strength from the care packages, especially in these difficult times.