HOW to ship oxygen concentrator to india

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Despite the help that India has gotten from other countries to overcome the second wave of Coronavirus that hit them, their battle with Covid-19 is far from over.

Currently, India is still facing a shortage of hospital beds and medical devices. Many countries have been sending portable oxygen concentrators to India as a form of medical support. However, India is still in need of more help since there are many new cases emerging everyday.


Oxygen concentrator international shipping


JustShip has been getting many requests from our customers to ship oxygen concentrators to India. The process of shipping oxygen concentrators to India can be complicated, hence we have written a guide on how you can ship oxygen concentrators overseas.

Avoid customs delays and minimises taxes

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As a courier that does international shipping, we want to play our part in helping India get on its feet.


We have shipped a number of oxygen concentrators in the past few months and can help shed some light on the paperwork required to ship oxygen concentrators to India.

For customers who wish to ship oxygen concentrators to India using JustShip, we are offering a 10% discount on shipping fees. Just let us know you are shipping oxygen concentrators in the remarks section of our shipment form and we will apply the discount accordingly. 

If you are a company looking for a suitable partner to help you in this shipping process, do drop is an email at hello@justship.sg where we can answer any enquiries you may have. 

Why we do it


JustShip began its operations in the midst of the pandemic.


We started with a vision of helping Singaporeans who wanted to send items to their loved ones overseas.

After building a reliable and affordable international service, we began to ask ourselves - what more can we do for the communities in need through what we already have?

This is one of many initiatives birthed out of that question. 

If you would like to get in touch with us to use our services for such causes, you can drop us an email at hello@justship.sg, or alternatively contact us through Whatsapp at 9647 7661.