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3 Items that are risky to send to USA

Updated: Jun 17

When it comes to international shipping, one frequently asked question is whether an item can be shipped to a specific country. As a courier that provides international shipping, JustShip often encounters customers who have various worries about shipping certain items internationally. This is understandable, as shipping prohibited items can result in rejection at customs and consequently, high return shipment fees.

After accumulating most of the enquiries, here are the top 3 items that you will need to take note of when shipping to USA:

1. Food

Most countries restrict the shipment of meat or food that has traces of meat in its ingredients due to various health concerns. Especially for a country like the USA, meat is strictly prohibited in shipments. Hence, any food that contains traces of meat in their ingredients may also encounter the risk of failing to clear customs. Some examples of food with traces of meat may include items such as chicken flavoured seasonings found in instant noodles, chicken essence, and more. Therefore, if you are planning to ship food, you are encouraged to check and declare the items carefully to avoid failing to clear customs due to insufficient information.

2. Cosmetics

Cosmetics are also restricted goods that are tricky to ship to the USA. If your cosmetics contain ingredients that are prohibited or restricted, it might result in your shipment being denied by customs and sent back or disposed of. Some examples of ingredients that are restricted or prohibited when shipping to USA would be any type of alcohol, tetrahydrocannabinol, and more. Therefore, if you are planning to ship any type of cosmetics to the USA, do pay close attention to the ingredient list.

3. Pens

Although pens are not listed as prohibited or restricted on FedEx’s website, your shipment might be delayed or denied by customs if the pens contain ink. If you are planning to ship to the USA, you are required to provide extra paperwork (Toxic Substance Control Act Certification, TSCA).

Other than the three items mentioned above, there are many other items that are tricky to ship. If you are uncertain about what you are planning to ship, feel free to contact us via Whatsapp at (+65) 9647 7661 where we will answer your enquiries.

For customers who are looking for Singapore to USA shipping, JustShip recently opened up shipping from Singapore to USA. We also provide professional shipping services that can have your items packed in the safest and cost-efficient way when you ship from Singapore to USA.

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