How We Packed and Shipped Out An E-Scooter, Saving Our Customer $1000 In Shipping and Packing

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

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Last week, a customer wanted to ship a 65 kg E-Scooter to the United States. He needed us to pick his scooter, pack it securely, and ship it out. We saved him up to $900 with our fantastic shipping rates, and got the e-scooter across the Pacific Ocean without a hitch.

Here’s how we did it while ensuring that we complied with the necessary regulations:

First, we packed his e-scooter securely with bubble wrap, cardboard, and our InstaPak Foam machine. This is to comply with IATA regulations, and make sure the e-scooter didn’t get damaged!

shipping e scooter, shipping from singapore to USA

Second, we took the necessary steps to comply with the regulations, such as getting the appropriate labels and preparing the paperwork for the Dangerous Goods Shipper’s Declaration.

IATA regulations, IATA regulations for shipping, Singapore IATA regulations for shipping

Samples of various paperwork compliance

Finally, we shipped it out at our fantastic rates, resulting in huge cost savings for our customers. We offer packing, paperwork compliance and shipping at a huge saving of nearly $800-$1000!

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