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Shipping Candles Internationally

Isolation and uncertainty have been commonly linked to various mental health issues. The implementation of tighter safety measures in many countries has meant that people have to live in isolation, and also be exposed to feelings of uncertainty in the face of ambiguity. This in turn may cause mental health issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

While being isolated in your own homes, one comforting distraction to indulge in is getting scented candles. They can help spruce up your living environment, and the calming scent can help to ease any stress or pressure faced at home. If you wish to ship scented candles from Singapore to any country worldwide here are 3 things to take note of when shipping them:

  1. Your candle may be exposed to extreme temperatures during transit. When being shipped, the candles may experience different weather conditions or other various heat sources that may cause them to melt. Hence, adding some frozen gel packs with your candles in the packaging may help keep your candles cool for a longer period of time as well as prevent them from melting.

  2. Your package may shift a lot during transit. While being handled, your package may be moved a lot which could cause the candle wax to crack. Hence, adding extra cushioning around the candle can prevent the candle from shifting too much during transit and cushion any impacts that the candle may experience.

  3. Some candles may contain ingredients such as flowers or leaves that may be restricted or prohibited in certain countries. Hence, you are encouraged to do research on the specific country to prevent having your shipment fail to clear customs.

With that being said, for customers who wish to send parcel from Singapore to New Zealand, JustShip recently opened up shipping to New Zealand. We are a courier that provides cheap shipping from Singapore to New Zealand. Our professional packing services will ensure that the packing of your parcel is safe and compact to ensure a low shipping cost to New Zealand.

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