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Shipping Medical Equipment internationally

Medical equipment tends to weigh a lot and is usually quite costly to ship overseas. The cost for shipping medical equipment overseas can amount to several thousand dollars, depending on the equipment’s weight. Due to this, some medical equipment manufacturers have contracts with various couriers that provide insanely low rates for them to ship their equipment internationally. However, these special shipping rates are only given to companies that have been shipping equipment with the courier for a long period of time. Hence, small, or newer companies that wish to do medical equipment shipping will need to pay the original price to ship an equipment overseas, which is not cheap, since medical equipment is usually heavy.

JustShip is a cheap ship courier that provides fast and affordable international shipping for small businesses. If you are a medical equipment exporter that is looking for medical equipment shipping to USA and worldwide, JustShip specialises in international exports and offers professional packing services as well. We offer insanely low shipping rates to small businesses who wish to ship their packages internationally.

For more information, click on technical equipment manufacturing shipping or fill up our business enquiry form on the business tab to get started. We hope to work with you soon.

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