Let us do the heavy lifting.

Not every item is made equal. Some are heavy, some are fragile, and some are irregularly-shaped.

Find the right service for you. Cheap international shipping starts with JustShip.

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We offer pick-up for all packages of any shape and size.

Next-day pick up: Free!*

Best suited for:

– Big & Bulky Items

– Multiple Items

– Unique Items

*Pick-up timing is fixed from 10am-5pm daily.

If you are an e-commerce seller, or an alternative online retailer looking for more options, contact us.


Our in-house packing team are experts in both cutting down on your shipping fee and protecting your items.

Best suited for

– Irregularly Shaped Items

– Multiple Items to be packed in 1 box

– Restricted Items eg. Lithium Batteries

More information on our boxes and packing materials here

Do my items need to be repacked? Learn more through our Customer Resources blog here.


Wondering if we ship your item? 

We’ve shipped pottery, large scale fine art, car rims, all packed by our in-house team of experts. Add yours to the list today.

Use our rate calculator for the most accurate quote.

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How To Ship

A step - by - step process to cheap international shipping.


Knowing how much to pay is the first step.


Once you’re ready, fill up our shipping form.


Our payment methods are: PayNow.


Our delivery partners will pick up your package or you can drop it off at our office.

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Our Most Updated Rates for International Shipping

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(Find out more) You will be charged more to enable us to ship your item in a more sustainable manner and offset any carbon emissions.