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Did you know that Singapore’s top exports in 2019 were integrated circuits, refined petroleum and gold, amongst others (, 2021)? It’s great that our nation is thriving in the tech and oil sectors, but the common gripe of our society is that Singaporeans don’t really seem to care that much about the arts.

While The Sunday Times published a public perception survey of essential workers ranking artists as the #1 most non-essential workers in Singapore, it is ironic that we also happen to rank top 10 in the world for exporters of creative goods and 9th in the world for the highest dollar value worth of paintings, exporting about US$272.6 million worth of paintings and drawings overseas in 2019 (, 2021).

With all these paintings going out of Singapore, how do you ensure these high-value goods stay in perfect condition throughout the shipping process?

Well, when it comes to shipping paintings overseas, it is important to have strong packaging that can withstand any impact during transit in order to ensure your artwork is not damaged. The process of packing and shipping artwork internationally can be quite difficult due to how fragile the artwork may be, and when additional paperwork is required if your shipment is above a certain declared value.

That is why we encourage you to seek professional advice because just like the art piece, each package is unique and comes with its own set of challenges.

If you are looking for a company to help ship your artwork overseas, JustShip is the company for you. We have experience shipping countless paintings around the world and have enough knowledge in shipping paintings internationally to help you ship your artwork.


For more information, visit our business page or WhatsApp 9647 7661.

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