Shipping From Singapore to Vietnam? Know These Commonly Shipped Items on the Restricted List

Previously we’ve released an article for prohibited items for import to Vietnam, for items that are completely banned for post into the country.

For this article, the items in this list are can be sent into the country, but require some form of prior documentation and certification.

Vietnam’s list of restricted items are unique with an example being postage stamps.

For this article, we’ve curated the list with customer relevancy in mind: focusing on JustShip’s typical shipping requests, our common prohibited item requests, and unusual items that stand out from time to time.

1. Stamps

Postage Stamps

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To be clear: postage stamps, stamps for mailing, letter stamps. For this in particular, it works both ways – no export and import. So if you’re an avid stamp collector that wants to ship over your collection for sale, for gifting, or for generally any other reason at all, unfortunately, you won’t be able to.

2. Children’s Toys

Children’s toys can only be shipped with technical documents specifying their conditions, design, etc.

3. Cosmetics

According to, Vietnamese consumer demand for cosmetics has risen more than 200% in the last decade. In order to protect consumer interest, anything related to cosmetics is heavily regulated: even if you’re simply shipping to a friend or family member – it will be flagged and a proper license is required for the shipment to process.

4. Used consumer goods in the wearables category

Starting from February 2014, implemented through Decree No. 187/2013/ND-CP and Circular No. 34/2013/TT-BCT, one of the items prohibited for import are secondhand consumer goods. If you’re relocating to Vietnam and want to ship your clothes over, and your luggage contains footwear, garments, there’s a high chance it might get stopped.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Are you thinking about sending medicine to your loved ones overseas? For this item on the list, if it’s accompanied by special documents such as doctor’s prescription or commitment documents, it can be shipped for non-commercial import. Do take note that these medicines must be in low-quantity and sent to an individual receiver.

6. Books and hard drives

Certain publications (i.e. books, newspapers, magazines and calendars, etc.) are restricted, but the full information is not released to JustShip. It’s best to say if the books you want to ship over relate to Vietnamese history and politics in any way, your shipment might get rejected at the point of entry. For more accurate and specific information, contact the Vietnamese Customs office directly.

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