Speedpost Express Has Resumed To USA, But Delays Expected

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As of 1 July 2020, SingPost’s International Speedpost Express service has been resumed. However, SingPost cautions customers shipping to the USA to expect delays due to widespread unrest across the country.

For some, this might seem like a blessing. Speedpost Express is SingPost’s fastest courier option, offering a 1-3 day shipping time. However, it is also the most expensive – compared to Speedpost Standard, which costs $70 to ship a parcel, Speedpost Express is $159.

Expected delays, coupled with a hefty price tag of $159 for a single 2 kg parcel, makes SpeedPost Express a pretty poor choice.

At JustShip, our price to ship a 2kg parcel to the USA within 1-3 working days on FedEx International Priority can be as low as $45. No interruptions and fully tracked.

Compare how much it is to send a 2kg parcel through us and SingPost’s options

Service comparison between SingPost and JustShip

Furthermore, we offer an All-in-One packing and shipping service. At a small fee, we can pick up your items, pack them securely using our own materials (e.g: tons of foam and bubble wrap) and ship it out at our fantastically cheap rates.

If you have been annoyed by the hassle of getting your own boxes, only to realise that your things don’t fit – our All-in-One service will address all your shipping needs. Get a Quote Now or Contact Us for more details.

February 10, 2021

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