Cheap Hassle-free International Shipping with Free Pick Up Starting Today!

For the past three months we’ve had exceptional support from both customers and our e-commerce partners, that allowed us to grow as both a business and a brand. Each shipment that lands safely is a proud moment for us, and each piece of home we bring to our customer’s loved ones gives us satisfaction of […]

Why Shipping from Singapore to USA is So Expensive & 3 Tips To Get Cheaper Shipping

Shipping from Singapore to USA If you’ve seen shipping costs from Singapore to USA, you know it’s pretty expensive. For some items, the shipping cost can far outweigh the price of the actual items themselves! In this article, I will explain why it’s so expensive, and give you 3 tips to dramatically reduce your shipping […]

Cheapest Shipping From Singapore to the USA – (Updated 2020)

Cheap Shipping to the USA from Singapore exists. Yes, looking at the Singpost International Rates you might say otherwise, but there are cheaper and faster courier services out there. I’ll go through some of these options below. Shipping Cost from Singapore to USA – 2020 Price Comparison Table Cheap Shipping to USA Rates Why does […]