3 items that are risky to send to USA

When it comes to international shipping, one frequently asked question is whether an item can be shipped to a specific country. As a courier that provides international shipping, JustShip often encounters customers who have various worries about shipping certain items internationally. This is understandable, as shipping prohibited items can result in rejection at customs and […]

Shipping heavy items to USA

Shipping heavy items to USA and looking for the cheapest way to send parcel to USA? Well, look no further as JustShip is the courier service you are looking for! JustShip is a courier service in Singapore that offers cheap shipping to USA and worldwide. We handle items of any size, shape, or weight. Many […]

Why Shipping from Singapore to USA is So Expensive & 3 Tips To Get Cheaper Shipping

Shipping from Singapore to USA If you’ve seen shipping costs from Singapore to USA, you know it’s pretty expensive. For some items, the shipping cost can far outweigh the price of the actual items themselves! In this article, I will explain why it’s so expensive, and give you 3 tips to dramatically reduce your shipping […]

Speedpost Express Has Resumed To USA, But Delays Expected

As of 1 July 2020, SingPost’s International Speedpost Express service has been resumed. However, SingPost cautions customers shipping to the USA to expect delays due to widespread unrest across the country. For some, this might seem like a blessing. Speedpost Express is SingPost’s fastest courier option, offering a 1-3 day shipping time. However, it is […]