Cheap Hassle-free International Shipping with Free Pick Up Starting Today!

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For the past three months we’ve had exceptional support from both customers and our e-commerce partners, that allowed us to grow as both a business and a brand. Each shipment that lands safely is a proud moment for us, and each piece of home we bring to our customer’s loved ones gives us satisfaction of a job well done.

With this in mind, we’re proud to announce that JustShip is moving forward in areas of customer service and value offerings.

Starting today, October 3 2020, JustShip now offers free pick-up* from your doorstep in addition to cheap, hassle-free international shipping. At no cost, our drivers will head down to your front door and collect your items from you. We accept all parcels, packages and items of any shape and size – even if you have multiple unpacked items – from all locations in Singapore**.

Don’t let cost prevent you from showing your loved ones that you care. Book your next shipment online today.

JustShip offers cheap international shipping to global destinations in 1-3 days. We ship with FedEx international Priority that ensures each package that is shipped internationally is tracked and secure. Our rates start from SGD 24 to Malaysia, and SGD 38 to USA.

*Free pick-up only applicable for next-day pick-ups during working hours and business days. Got a question? Contact us by WhatsApp or Email to speak to a customer service representative. Got a package? Ship with us today.

For urgent shipments, customers can opt for same day pick-up and priority service for +$18.

**Except Sentosa and Tuas.

February 10, 2021
international shipping

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