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All-in-one hassle-free international shipping. We’ll pick up your items from your doorstep, pack it securely for you and ship it affordably.

We offer the cheapest shipping from Singapore to USA (as low as $45), UK, France, Malaysia and worldwide.

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Prep work takes less than an hour when you JustShip. Book a free next day pick-up now.

Get your parcel shipped in 2-5 days with the cheapest shipping from Singapore to USA and worldwide.

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Avoid parcel loss and damage when you get access to protective packing, insurance and parcel tracking.

Cheapest international shipping that protects your parcel for even more savings.

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Enjoy multiple add-ons free of charge.

Precision Pick Up

Precision Pick Up


No more queuing at the post office! Get your items picked up from your doorstep.

Custom Packing

Custom Packing

Get your items packed the way you want.

Expert Review

Expert Review


Avoid the most common customs pitfalls - get your customs documentation proof-read by our experts

Tax Ray Vision: Duties Visibility

Tax-Ray Vision


Taxes don’t need to be a hidden cost. Get visibility even before ordering.

Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything


Get responses within 1 weekday.

Green Shipping

Green Shipping

Coming Soon

Offset carbon with one click.

Keep Calm Insurance


Get protected from loss, damage and theft.

Free Real-Time Parcel Tracking

Parcel Tracking


Know your parcel’s location at every point

Get the most value-for-money shipping by using JustShip

  1. Cheapest International Shipping

    We can ship your parcel to the USA for as low as $50. For other couriers it costs somewhere between $70 – $150 to ship similar parcels.

  2. Fastest International Shipping

    Ship anywhere worldwide in 2-5 working days. For the same price you pay to other couriers, enjoy 2-4x faster delivery times with JustShip.

  3. Safest International Shipping

    Enjoy best-in-class shipping that minimizes the chance of parcel loss or damage, saving you time, money, and energy.

How it works

  1. 01

    Find out how much it costs to ship your items.

  2. 02

    Let us know where to pick it up & where to ship it to.

  3. 03

    JustShip will do a free Expert Review of your shipment documentation.

    Make changes to your documentation if you’re prompted to.

  4. 04

    We’ll pick-up your items and measure them at our warehouse.

    Make payment adjustments if you’re prompted to.

  5. 05

    We have lift-off!
    Track your parcel in real time.

Our Quality Guarantee

Afraid of hidden charges?

Our quote is all-inclusive! Declare your dimensions accurately and get fixed prices.

Afraid of top-ups after we measure?

We can send photo evidence if you need verification.

Cancel your order if you don’t accept the final quote!

Afraid your items may get stopped at customs?

DYOR (Do your own research), but our free expert review will help you avoid most of the common customs pitfalls!

Afraid of shipment delays?

Our best-in-class shipping and expert reviews mean you get the lowest delay rates in the industry.

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  • I am living abroad and need to ship to myself

  • I am looking to relocate fast and hassle-free

  • I am selling e-commerce products overseas

  • I am returning a product

  • I am sending samples to prospects

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