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The ongoing pandemic has disrupted many small businesses located in Singapore. Apart from the F&B industry, retail businesses that sell clothes and accessories have also been negatively impacted. In response to the pandemic, many businesses have seized the opportunity and turned to digital means to deliver their products to their customers.

For businesses in the F&B industry, there are many ecosystem partners like UOB that are helping these companies move their businesses online. This mutually beneficial partnership serves to help F&B companies find additional revenue streams amidst the Covid-19 restrictions that were implemented. At the same time, UOB’s users also get to enjoy special rates if they were to order a delivery from the store.

As for companies in the retail industry, some of them might choose to grab this opportunity to branch out and serve customers in other countries. However, international shipping can often be expensive for small businesses. Firms may find themselves incurring losses due to the expensive shipping fees that they need to pay to have their products delivered to their international customers.

JustShip recognises this and offers small business shipping solutions. We are a worldwide courier that provides professional packing services. We offer the best shipping rates for small business.

For more enquires, click on cheapest shipping for small business. We hope to work with you soon!

June 15, 2021
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