Cheapest Shipping From Singapore to the USA – (Updated 2020)

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Cheap Shipping to the USA from Singapore exists. Yes, looking at the Singpost International Rates you might say otherwise, but there are cheaper and faster courier services out there.

I’ll go through some of these options below.

Shipping Cost from Singapore to USA – 2020

Price Comparison Table

Price comparison between JustShip and other carriers

Cheap Shipping to USA Rates

Why does JustShip have the Cheapest Shipping Rates to USA?

As a consumer or an e-commerce seller, you probably do not ship huge volumes of items internationally on a regular basis. To these shipping companies, this makes you (and your prices!) different from a large company that regularly ships many items internationally.

As such, your online rates do not receive volume discounts that bigger companies receive. However, JustShip can leverage on these exclusive prices through our long-term relationship with the FedEx International Priority service. By using us, you receive these low prices.


If we’re being completely honest, the “Cheap Shipping to USA” would be to pass your parcel to a friend or family member who is already going there.

However, most of us rarely have such an option. But with JustShip, you will receive the cheapest shipping rates to ship your parcel to the USA. Get a quote now.

Did we also mention that our average shipping time is 1-4 working days? Read our next article to find the fastest way to ship a package to the USA.


  1. According to SingPost Express Quote on
  2. According to DHL Quick Quote
  3. According to UPS Quick Quote
  4. According to FedEx’s Get A Label

* All prices and shipping times are estimates, calculated with 10 x 10 x 10 cm dimensions on the respective quote generators. It is advised that you check the quote generators on the respective company sites for a final amount/shipping time that is tailored to your individual parcel specifications.

February 10, 2021
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