Looking for e-commerce shipping solutions in Singapore?

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Are you an ecommerce seller based in Singapore?

Looking to tap into the potential international market but unsure if you want to strain your existing resources, or channel resources away from your already tight budget?

Tap into JustShip’s industry expertise to help your business reach out to overseas customers and outsource the workload. We’ve served partners from fashion to the private art sector.

Here’s three ways JustShip helps your business get a piece of the international market pie.

1. JustShip saves your business money.

If you’ve ever tried shipping internationally with FedEx or DHL, you’ll realise that it’s pretty expensive. Without large bulk rates, it’s difficult to be profitable.

JustShip's incredibly high shipment volume allows us to get preferential rates from our shipping partners. This high volume enables us to offer you incredibly low prices.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast Turnaround Times: Enjoy delivery within 2-5 business days. Quick shipping not only meets customer expectations but also translates into better customer retention and increased conversion rates.
  • Reliable Tracking: Secure, end-to-end tracking in real-time, keeping you and your customers informed every step of the way.

Special Offer for Non-Urgent Shipments to the USA

As a limited-time beta test offer, JustShip is excited to present a more affordable option for shipping non-urgent small parcels (0-3kg) to the USA. Designed for cost-efficiency, this special deal guarantees a delivery time of approximately 10 working days.

Take advantage of this opportunity to save on costs while still reaching your customers across the US. Find out more about this limited-time offer here!

2. JustShip lets your business focus on growth.

We offer all-in-one fuss-free international shipping, including free island-wide pick up and low-cost packing. Your goods and merchandise can be picked up as it is from your doorstep, reducing unnecessary administrative tasks.

Manpower is a valuable business resource. Why spend time and effort on coordinating details when you can just outsource it completely?

Speaking of making things simple and easy, trips to the post office are slow and unproductive. Don’t waste time printing out shipping labels or queueing up – wherever your office is, we pick it up from your doorstep for free.

What JustShip Handles For You:

  • Pick-up Service: No need to visit a post office. We pick up your parcels for free from your location.
  • Simplified Process: Just fill out an online form, and we manage the rest, from packing and printing shipping labels to handling logistics.

3. JustShip helps maximise your business potential.

You might ship a package to somewhere in Australia and suddenly get billed an additional $30 for an out-of-delivery area surcharge. JustShip has knowledge of all of surcharges, so you won’t be hit with a curveball. We handle everything from airway bills, commercial invoices, and insurance, to customs tax and duty claims.*

Our warehouse has an arsenal of packing materials – if you want a box, we have foam, cardboard and plastic boxes in different shapes and sizes and thicknesses.

The JustShip in-house team of packing specialists have experience in packing artwork to automobile parts; we even have an instapak foam machine specifically to custom build foam moulds.

justship packing services

These critical aspects of international shipping take years of insider knowledge and experience to build up. Expand your business. Lean on JustShip’s expertise, and let your business set sail.

Still Deciding?

Read the feedback from our satisfied clients and learn how JustShip has propelled their businesses to global heights.

Interested in how JustShip can help your business grow internationally?

Contact us via WhatsApp or Email us at hello@justship.sg to get more information on our rates and services.

JustShip: Your Premier E-commerce Shipping Partner in Singapore

We specialize in e-commerce packing and shipping solutions, helping Singaporean businesses expand their operations worldwide. Learn more about our ecommerce shipping solutions!

February 10, 2021
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