Fast and cheap shipping from Singapore to Malaysia

Learning what you can ship from Singapore to Malaysia? JustShip offers quick shipping from Singapore to Malaysia, typically in 2-4 days. The best way to ensure you get fast shipping from Singapore to Malaysia is to avoid customs delays where possible. Here are some item categories that we’ve experienced customs delays and even rejections:- health supplements (even those below 1 month supplies)- liquids (such as cosmetics and shampoo)- meat, or food with meat traces (seafood is fine)

Another tricky item category to ship is electronics. Fortunately, JustShip handles the paperwork required for such shipments. Generally, such shipments will require an import permit, and a SIRIM will have to be applied for. You will have to share with us a photocopy of your IC, as well as a spec sheet of your electronics device. For more information, speak to our customer representative directly.

For more information on what can be shipped to Malaysia, see FedEx’s website here.

If you are looking for cheap shipping from Singapore to Malaysia, our prices start from as low as SGD24. See our prices here at cheap courier Singapore to Malaysia.

To ensure there are no hidden costs when you ship to Malaysia, look out for customs taxes. The tax threshold for Malaysia’s customs is 500 MYR. This means that if the cost of your goods is more than or equal to 500 MYR, there is a chance of customs taxes.

Do note that Malaysia calculates the cost of goods through CIF (Cost Insurance Freight), meaning that they sum up the shipping cost, insurance cost, and declared value of the item, to reach the final cost of goods.

To get an estimate of the taxes you may receive, you can check out one of many online tax calculators such as this.

Looking to have cheap and fast shipping to Malaysia? JustShip can partner you in this process, start by filling up our form to make an order!

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