France – Chinese New Year goodies Guide | Shipping food from Singapore to France

Disclaimer: we are not a brokerage service, we cannot prescribe what can/cannot pass through customs. We can only give information based on research and past shipments we’ve delivered. There is always an element of uncertainty when it comes to shipping food, so go in with that mindset if you want to ship food with us. Also note that you will have to bear the charges if customs rejects and returns the parcels (same rate as the cost to ship the item out).

Generally, shipping of food items to France is prohibited. However, some of our customers have tried shipping food items to France and it went through successfully. Below are some of the food items that has been shipped successfully to France:

1. Herbal Tea Sachets

2. Chocolate mini wafer (No meat, Brand: Kagi)

3. Snacks – Almond biscuits

4. Sauces – Rendang cooking sauce (Brand: Prima)

Food items not advised to ship at all

5. Bak Kwa

6. Tau Sar Piah

Food with ingredients that contain meat or poultry always get stopped. Therefore, CNY goodies like Bak Kwa and Tau Sar Piah (if it contains leaf lard) are not recommended for shipping at all.

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