How Long Will My Parcel Take to Reach USA?

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In choosing an international courier service for our packages, speed might be an important consideration. The COVID-19 pandemic has severely wounded the shipping industry for both consumers and suppliers. As a result of labour shortages & heavy border controls, freight rates have spiked by 15 – 80%. Only 20% of the world’s total available flying capacity is operating, contributing to considerable delays in shipment time for air cargo.

How badly are Singapore-based customers and sellers who ship to the USA affected by these restrictions? I’ll summarize it in a table below:

Shipping Cost from Singapore to USA; Delivery Times

Price comparison between JustShip and other carriers

Shipping Rates from Singapore to USA

The Importance of Company-Owned Air Fleets

Besides comparing them on price points or bare shipping times, another hidden factor is whether the shipping company owns its air fleets.

Not all international courier services necessarily own fleets to deliver air cargo. In normal times, 40% of annual global air cargo is transported via passenger aircraft. However, with ⅔ of passenger flights grounded and the historic drop in air traffic, shipping companies that leverage on passenger transport are likely to take a bigger hit.

This realization is likely to have fueled the purchases of new aircraft by major U.S courier services amidst the ongoing pandemic. FedEx Express owns the world’s largest cargo air fleet with more than 650 aircraft. Following behind is UPS, which owns 265 aircraft. Finally, DHL owns 5 airline subsidiaries with 96 aircraft and another 21 aircraft on order.


Simple answer? If you use any of the leading international couriers, you can expect a run time of between 2 – 10 working days.

To ensure the fastest delivery time, our advice is to use a service that has the most capacity to deliver air cargo using its own fleet. This is to avoid using a shipper that heavily leverages on passenger flights to deliver air cargo, which has stalled during the pandemic. From sheer numbers, the best contenders would be FedEx and UPS, with their large air fleets.

JustShip leverages on our exclusive rates with the FedEx International Priority Shipping service. With the largest civil air cargo fleet in the world, your package can be shipped to the USA within 2-5 working days from prices as low as $35. See our rates, or Get a Quote Now!


  1. According to SingPost Express Quote on
  2. According to DHL Quick Quote
  3. According to UPS Quick Quote
  4. According to FedEx’s Get A Label

* All prices and shipping times are estimates, calculated with 10 x 10 x 10 cm dimensions on the respective quote generators. It is advised that you check the quote generators on the respective company sites for a final amount/shipping time that is tailored to your individual parcel specifications.

February 10, 2021
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