How to Pack Fishing Rods for Shipping

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Fishing is a popular sport and a good outdoor activity to enjoy with family and friends. It teaches patience and relieves stress from daily life. If you are planning to go on an overseas fishing excursion, you will need to know how to pack your fishing rod securely to avoid any damages on the rod. As rods are long and thin, extra care is needed to keep them safe when packing them. JustShip has prepared some steps for you to follow to help you pack your rods securely:

  1. If possible, dismantle the rod into many short parts. This reduces the chances of the rod breaking if it bends too much.
  2. Wrap each part individually with bubble wrap. (The tip of the rod is the most fragile, extra protection is needed to make sure that it is wrapped securely)
  3. After wrapping each part, place the rod into a cardboard box or shipping tube
  4. Fill up the empty spaces in the tube or box with cushioning materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to minimize any movement during transit (The box or tube you use should be slightly bigger so that there is some space left for the cushioning materials)
  5. Tape up the box or tube securely with heavy-duty tape
  6. Stick the “fragile” sticker on the outside of the package

For shippers who find it too much of a hassle to pack their fishing rods, JustShip has professional packing services available for you! Our packers can customize a box to fit your fishing rod and pack it for you!

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May 10, 2021
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