How To Pack Winter Clothes for Shipping

Shipping winter clothes can be expensive. As we have covered in previous articles, items are charged in shipping based on actual weight or volumetric weight (i.e. the amount of space it takes up), the higher of the two. Due to how bulky they are, winter clothes are high in volumetric weight and often expensive to ship. A poor job done in packing could affect volumetric weight and thus shipping costs drastically. To help you save costs, here are two space-saving ways you can pack your winter clothes for overseas shipping:

  1. Vacuum pack your winter clothes. This removes the excess air inside and compresses your winter clothes as much as possible. Although it might still be bulky after being vacuum packed, it certainly takes up lesser space than before. This will minimize the shipping cost.
  2. Zip up your winter clothes and place them flat on the box. Folding your winter clothing will cause it to be bulkier and take up more space as compared to placing it flat.

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