How to ship bicycles overseas

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For individuals who are big on traveling, there are several instances where you may opt for exploring the country on a bicycle. Bicycle touring has been growing in popularity all around the world and some travelers may prefer to have their bikes shipped to the country rather than renting a bike there. However, the process of packing and shipping a bike can appear difficult due to the odd size and shape of bicycles. But fret not, here are some steps JustShip prepared for you to help you pack your bike:

  1. Decide whether you want to ship an assembled or disassembled bike. Having the bike disassembled decreases the risk of the bike being damaged. It also decreases the dimensional weight which could play a part in lowering the shipping costs. (Most carriers do not ship assembled bikes)
  2. Once you have decided on whether you want to assemble or disassemble, you will need to find a shipping box that is just right for your bike.
  3. Put bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, or cardboard at the bottom of the box to lessen the impact of any collision during transit
  4. Protect the frame with plumbing insulation
  5. Cover the other parts (for a disassembled bike) with bubble wrap or foam packaging
  6. First, put your frame and rear wheel in the box
  7. Next, place the other parts in the box (Keep them close to the frame)
  8. Fill up the remaining spaces with cardboard or packaging peanuts to minimize movement in the box
  9. Tape the box multiple times to make it more secured and you are done packing!

Some popular countries for bicycle touring are Italy, Spain, and Germany. Shipping from Singapore to Germany might be costly due to the size and weight of your bicycle. If you are worried about the ship cost from Singapore to Germany, JustShip is the company for you! We are a cheap courier to Germany that offers one of the cheapest shipping to Germany. We know how costly it can be to ship a bike internationally, and we offer the cheapest way to ship to Germany.

For more information, click on Singapore to Germany shipping.

May 10, 2021
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