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Are you making an international move and wondering where to start? The first step is to know what international moving services are being offered by international moving companies in Singapore, and then identifying what your needs are, so you can choose the right service provider.

Many international relocation services offer a large range of services to serve a wide spectrum of customers, as well as to offer an end-to-end service for people moving overseas. Some examples include Visa & Immigration Services and Short-term Accommodations, and some companies even help in pet relocation services.

For JustShip, our value proposition is fuss-free, affordable, and fast shipping. We focus a lot on this core service and make sure we are the best party to engage in this area. You can see some of the glowing reviews we have received from our customers on Facebook and Google.

If you do not require other value-added services and would like to ship your belongings from Singapore to anywhere worldwide in a time span of 4-7 days for insanely cheap prices, JustShip is the right provider for you!

Our team will do free pick-up of your items straight from your doorstep, securely pack all of it at our warehouse, and ship it out with FedEx International Priority.

You will receive a tracking number and be able to see the shipping status of your items at all times throughout the entire process until it reaches your destination’s doorstep.

We also offer office relocation services. In the same vein of offering fuss-free, affordable, and fast shipping, we do this as commercial office movers for corporate customers at preferential rates dependent on the amount of shipping volume.

If you are interested to internationally relocate with JustShip, drop us a Whatsapp message at 91187971. Our customer service officers will be pleased to find out more about how we can help you!

May 10, 2021
international moving, international relocation

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