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With the rising affluence of Singaporeans, studying abroad has increasingly been a popular option. It used to be a common sight to see parents visit their children and vice versa during the holiday seasons. Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has thrown a spanner into the works. Many countries have placed travel restrictions and measures to minimize the spread of the virus. This means parents are unable to meet their children as often. Zoom calls are an alternative, but many would share that it is only a weak substitute for meeting in the same space and sharing a tangible physical experience together. One option that is becoming increasingly compelling as a complement to zoom calls is the sending of care packages. Students studying abroad often find themselves missing the cuisine or things that they have at home. Timely and well-thought-out gifts can really touch the heart and be a soothing consolation for the home-sick students. This is one reason why we see many of our customers sending care packages filled with items and food from home to their kids.

Some popular care package items you can consider gifting:

  • Irvin’s or Golden Duck chips
  • Condiments/ Cooking pastes
  • Clothes
  • Instant noodles

Do take note not to ship meat, or anything with traces of meat, especially to the US! Some popular destinations that we ship care packages to include the US,UK, Australia, and Canada. Shipping prices to Canada will depend on the size and weight of the parcel you wish to ship. If you are thinking to ship from Singapore to Canada, JustShip is the right provider for cheap shipping from Singapore to Canada. JustShip not only offers you cheap shipping to Canada, but also the fastest way to ship to Canada!

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