Need to Deliver Something Large or Weirdly-Shaped? Let JustShip save you Time and Money!

Finding a nicely-sized box for shipping large or weirdly-shaped items is always an issue. Many boxes aren’t big enough, and the boxes that are big enough… are too big. Using an XXL standard-sized moving boxmight hike up your shipping fee – sometimes, by a $500 increase in price (hint: volumetric weight)!

To avoid this unnecessary hike and get a cheaper shipping fee, our in-house professional packers have access to a wide range of box sizes, and the skills to make custom-sized boxes to fit every item’s unique dimensions. This means cheaper shipping fees for you.

Don’t believe us? Check out how we helped this music seller save $659.33 – bringing down his shipping fee from $725.31 to $65.98!

Lazy to read? Watch the video here.

Customising A Box Size For A Musical Instrument

Let’s give you an example. Just yesterday, one of our customers (a musical instrument seller) needed to send a banjo to Nashville, USA for repairs. For those of you who don’t listen to country music, a banjo is longer than a guitar (1-metre long), but much flatter.

A Banjo is 1-metre long, but only 12 cm in height!

This left us in a weird spot – most boxes were not long enough to fit the banjo. However, the longer boxes were too wide.

If we were to use standard-size XXL boxes, the chargeable weight is 43.5kg (price: $725.31) for shipping a 4kg item (Hint: volumetric weight, again) ! This is ridiculous. Why should our Musical Instrument Seller pay this expensive amount, when he should only be paying $65.98?

At JustShip, one of our professional packers Ramesh was able to customise a long and flat box that would fit our banjo perfectly. The end result? We got the chargeable weight down to 4kg, and the final bill was $65.98. He saved $659.33 thanks to our packer’s (Ramesh) magic. Check out how Ramesh worked his magic!

Here are more gifs of Ramesh in action!


Boxes are a hassle to obtain since most of us don’t have cardboard pieces lying around. It’s even more of a hassle (and a blow to our wallet) if our items do not fit into standard size boxes.

With JustShip, you will never have to worry about boxes again. Our professional in-house packers (including Ramesh) can customise boxes, wrap your items securely and bring down your shipping costs. Don’t ever waste unnecessary dollars on bad box sizes ever again.

We also offer the Cheapest Shipping from Singapore to the USA, UK, and many other countries. Not only will your boxes be packed securely and cost-effectively, but at fantastically cheap shipping rates. What are you waiting for? JustShip it with our All-in-One service – for a cheap and hassle-free shipping experience.

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