New feature! – Delivered duty paid (DDP)

JustShip is committed to bringing only the best customer experience for international deliveries. We’ve heard from you, and we are excited to announce that we will now deliver our parcels duty-paid. This will begin for orders picked up from tomorrow, 19 Oct, for all parcels sent to Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and New Zealand. It will be rolled out as an option for the other 13 of our 18 consumer-focused countries.

Having your parcel delivered with duty paid means that any additional fees to customs are paid upfront. The benefits are clear:

1. No rude shocks, you get quoted upfront with a fixed charge.

2. Your recipients will never be asked to pay before they get their parcel. This ensures a good experience if you are sending a gift to a loved one.

3. Increase the speed of clearance for customs. Your parcel will not need to be held at customs, pending payment confirmation from your recipient before getting released.

4. No more situations of having shipments returned back to you because your recipient abandoned the shipment in customs.

5. Money savings! DDP fees can be 3-4 times cheaper than DDU (delivering duties unpaid) brokerage fees.

For now, handling fees will be pegged at a flat fee of $20. This is less than half the price of what most other competitors are charging, so you save ~$30 right off the bat. We will continue monitoring this initiative closely to ensure it’s priced sustainably for both you and us.

Consider trying out DDP by shipping with us today. All of us at JustShip feel grateful to be able to rely on your support.

Yours sincerely,
Sherman Lim

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