Oxygen Concentrators - What are they?

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The COVID-19 pandemic relapse in India has resulted in a lot of pain and grief to its citizens. Many of us in Singapore feel a strong need to help in whatever way we can. In this article, we share more about what is a sg oxygen concentrator, why it may help to donate an oxygen concentrator to India, and considerations for oxygen concentrator international shipping.

An oxygen concentrator is a machine that increases the concentration of oxygen in an air supply (such as in ambient air) by only reducing nitrogen in the air supply, which consequently makes it an oxygen rich air supply. In the 1980s, it became the preferred way to deliver oxygen-rich air to users in homes, as opposed to cryogenic liquid oxygen systems or high-pressure oxygen cylinders, which were both heavy and expensive.

Since the early 2000s, different portable oxygen concentrator machines have proliferated the market. These machines usually produce about 1-5 litres per minute of continuous oxygen flow. They can be helpful to support COVID-19 patients, who may be at low oxygen levels due to breathing difficulties. Many efforts have been initiated in Singapore to organise oxygen concentrator India donation drives.

However, buying the devices is just the first step. It is not easy to ship oxygen concentrator to India. Shipping costs can be prohibitive and navigating around the paperwork required can be a huge chore without the right information on hand.

JustShip strives to do good for the communities around us and play our part to help India. If you are looking for a suitable partner to help you in this process, email us at hello@justship.sg. We have shipped quite a few oxygen concentrators to India in the past few months and can share information with you to smoothen the customs process and shed light on the paperwork required. Additionally, we are offering a 10% discount on shipping fees when you ship oxygen concentrators to India with us. Fill up your shipment form now to begin your order!

July 27, 2021
how to ship an oxygen concentrator

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