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We'll pick it up, pack it for you, and ship it out.

 We know the hassle of finding the right box and queuing at the post office, so we'll pick up your unpacked stuff and do all the boring bits. 


We take all items to our warehouse to be packed by professional packers, using state of the art equipment and the best packing techniques. Not only does this save you the hassle of acquiring a suitable box, but optimal packing actually reduces shipping costs.


Fuss no more about where to buy bubble wrap in Singapore. We provide all shipping materials like bubble wrap, foam, tape or box sizes. We'll pack your item securely and ensure the lowest possible volumetric weight so you save on shipping costs!

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Packing odd-shaped items, or packing fragile items for shipping? With our Instapak 901, shipping fragile items internationally will be safe, secure and worry-free!


Yes. Our shipping rates are cheap, but they can be even cheaper for you if your item is packed properly.


Check out how we saved one of our customer's $659 worth of shipping fees, with our packing services.


Why can't I just use any old box?

Shipping companies base shipping fees off how big your box is. Even if you're shipping a 0.3 kg item, stuffing it into a bigger box means that you will be charged a significantly higher fee. 

Read our article: Volumetric Weight? Don't Ever Forget This to learn more

How will I know that you are packing my item(s) securely?

You can contact us via Whatsapp for a photo of your packed item (without the box closed), and we'll only ship it out once you have given us the green light. 

How much is packing?

Packing starts from only $3. Additional costs may apply for packing fragile items or large items. Get a quote using our rate calculator.  

I don't want courier pickup of my items. Is there a place where I can drop it off in person?

Yes! Our warehouse is at Unity Centre, 51 Bukit Batok Crescent, #08-18. We are open from 10am - 4pm for drop off. Please make your order first by filling our form and arrive at the arranged time slot.