Parcel Tracking That Retains Customers

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Are you an e-commerce business owner that ships internationally to your customers? Here are some tips on how doing parcel tracking the right way can improve your customers’ experience with you. Parcel tracking may seem like a small part of the purchase process, but parcel tracking is one of the building blocks to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. 

Parcel tracking is the ability given to customers to have visibility over their shipments’ movement from your warehouse all the way to their doorstep. This lets customers monitor the entire journey of their shipment in real-time, keeping them excited about their purchase, assuring them that their parcel is still safe and on its way to them. It also informs them quickly if the parcel gets delayed.

Typically, the shipping provider sends a tracking number to the sender and recipient at the start of the shipping process. This tracking number can be entered into the provider’s website to view shipment data.

Here are some ways you, as an e-commerce business owner, can implement best practices for parcel tracking that can really satisfy your customers at the tail end of their purchase journey to make sure they keep coming back to you.

Share the tracking instructions in purchase confirmation emails

This displays conscientiousness on your brand’s part. It also prepares your customers for the next step, so they continue to feel guided along the journey.

Share tracking number in post-purchase confirmation emails

Most customers would already know how to do this, and you might be tempted to write it off as unnecessary. But we know there’s never a limit to how seamless an online purchase can be. Having the tracking number given directly to your customer can well appreciated, especially for those who are not so savvy with digital tools.

Share delivery details directly with customers

Giving customers a quick overview of the delivery details like the shipping destination address and the delivery date can give them the assurance that they made the right arrangements during purchase, and that everything is in order. This can be critically useful to prevent delays during the peak shipping season.

Parcel Tracking For Businesses - Key to Customer Assurance and Retention

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September 7, 2021
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