To our JustShip community 💖

You know JustShip. We always put you first. Two values have emerged from this focus.

  1. Efficiency. Valuing your experience means ensuring the best use of your time and money.
  2. Innovation. In an established space like shipping, we know the most sustained way to make a difference is to think out of the box to meet your needs better.

We have lived out these values faithfully in our daily operations, but we saw a need to push further, to present these values better through our brand, and to have our users experience these benefits on our website.

Our new brand better reflects our values and personality

This helps new users understand us quickly. It will also let our long-time users feel things “click into place”.

JustShip Brand Logo

The new JustShip colour palette is rich and bold. It conveys our uniqueness and willingness to break the mold.

Our logo and typeface are sharper, more modern, and designed to invoke a sense of motion that conveys the speed and elegance in the approach we take to meet your needs.

Seamlessness powered by technology

Beyond the rebrand, much work has gone into the redesign of our site to build a seamless experience for our users.

There are many new functionalities you can immediately enjoy, such as adding to cart and signing-in via Google.

Your half-filled form submissions will also be auto-saved on your computer so you can always continue where you left off.

Add to cart on form

There are also many design tweaks that new users will benefit from - real-time form-field validation and guiding texts positioned throughout the digital journey.

form field validation

Most importantly, an incredible amount of work has been done under the hood to revamp our technology stack. What does this mean for you?

It means you can have a better time when using our site - fast loading speeds, reliability, and your data is secure and protected.

It also means we will be able to act on your feedback and build quickly to address your pain points.

Take a tour of the new website and let us know what you think! It’s been a long time coming, and all of us at JustShip are grateful for your continued support.