Sending it down under: International shipping to Australia

Shipping from Singapore to Australia is one of JustShip’s most popular services: we handle hundreds of parcels destined for the land down under. We’ve delivered all sorts of items in the past, including boomerangs (thankfully they did not get returned to the sender), skateboards and electric machinery.

The most popular parcel destinations in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. There are some sea freight options which can take 3-4 months, though for fast shipping from Singapore to Australia, air delivery is the way to go. JustShip partners with FedEx International Priority Shipping, so your items take just 3-4 days to be delivered! Talk about quick shipping from Singapore to Australia: JustShip is the fastest out there. Other couriers, such as Singpost, can take up to 10 days for their express service.

Apart from the usual list of prohibited items (narcotics, weapons, culturally sensitive material) some unique items that are prohibited for shipments to Australia include glazed ceramics, laser pointers and electronic fly swatters. Have a quick look at the Australian Border Force’s list of prohibited items before sending your parcel out.

A cheap way to send parcel to Australia is using JustShip. Our rates start from just $31.90 per parcel, including free next-day doorstep pickups. Consider us the next time you need International shipping to Australia.

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