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As part of the nation-wide response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Singapore government gave out masks not once – but five times, including the NDP mask – in the last six months. Our friends in neighbouring countries have not been so lucky. India in particular has been one of the hardest hit by the virus, with seven million cases and counting. JustShip has launched the “Ship a Mask” campaign to give out of the abundance that we have in Singapore – masks, specifically – donating them overseas for the benefit of the communities in our neighbouring countries.

In partnership with Caring Hands Society, a small non-profit in India, we will be pulling together Singapore’s spare masks for the orphans and village community in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The Goal

Raise 500 masks for the Caring Hands Society in India that will be given to orphaned children, the elderly, and the needy. For every mask donated by the public, JustShip will match it – bringing the total to 1000 masks.

The Plan

From October to December 2020, JustShip will collect new, reusable masks from the public. Through our existing packing and international shipping services, these masks will be consolidated and sent to the village where Caring Hands Society operates.

How To Help

1. Existing Customers: If you are already shipping with us, indicate the number of masks you’d like to donate at the end of the form, before you click submit.

2. General Public: If you’d like to donate, fill up our collection form. You get the option to drop it off at our office or to get it picked up by our courier (don’t worry, it’s free!)

What We Need

New, reusable masks. Fabrics masks of all shapes and sizes. Handmade masks are welcome!

More Information

In 1993, Hudson Raja’s father started Peace Gospel Ministries to provide orphaned children an education, housing and medical care. Following his footsteps, Hudson Raja started the Caring Hands Society of India, and is currently focusing on Covid-19 relief work.

Hudson Raja with his kids. Children beneficiaries of Caring Hands Society of India

Hudson Raja with his kids.

Children beneficiaries of Caring Hands Society of India

Wider community in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Why We Do It

JustShip began its operations in the midst of the pandemic. We started with a vision of helping Singaporeans who wanted to send items to their loved ones overseas. After four months of building a reliable and international service, we began to ask ourselves – what more can we do for the communities in need through what we already have? This donation drive birthed out of that question, alongside friends we know who do great work with communities that are hard to reach. If you would like to get in touch with us to use our services for such causes, you can drop us an email at, or alternatively contact us through WhatsApp.

Bulk Donation & Enquiries

WhatsApp Us

Email Us

Find Us

Here’s a video by our co-founders, Roger & Daniel with more information.

Join us in raising 1000 masks!

February 10, 2021

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