Shipping from Singapore to Malaysia? Here’s Four Reasons You Should Ship Instead of Driving Yourself

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If you drive up to JB on the weekends, the thought of paying for delivery to Malaysia seems illogical. After all, Malaysia is our neighbour and it is not uncommon for Singaporeans to drive-up weekly (if not daily!) to run errands. Why not drive up yourself?

There are many reasons why this is actually not the best idea, in terms of both convenience and cost-efficiency. I’ll take you through four reasons why.

1. Time-Consuming

Driving is a time-consuming activity, especially to Malaysia.

First, you have to cross immigration, which can stretch into a nightmarish 4 hours during peak periods. Then, you have to face potentially long commutes from the causeway to your drop-off location – Malaysia is a big place. Finally, you need to drive back.

If time is money and money is time, it does not make sense to waste at least 2 hours of your time delivering a 1kg package if you can do it for $22, from your doorstep.

2. Petrol

To anyone who has pumped petrol in Malaysia, this suggestion might come across as ludicrous. Prices for petrol in Malaysia are ridiculously cheap compared to Singapore, with a full tank costing somewhere between $35 – $50. Filling up your tank to deliver your package might not be a terrible idea.

But remember: This is only cost-efficient if you are going up frequently for other things. It actually makes very little sense if you are doing it just to deliver your package. This is because you now have an extra cost of petrol to factor in, on top of your time.

Furthermore, the Singapore Customs checks all cars before they pass through the border. If your tank is below a certain amount, you will be charged 100 SGD. Perhaps you might want to take the risk if you go frequently; but why risk a potential 100 SGD fine for a one-time shipment?

3. You Need A Car

This is pretty much a no-brainer.

4. You Can’t

As of 26 June 2020, the Malaysia-Singapore border has not re-opened amidst the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Even if the borders open, it is highly unlikely that we’ll be able to freely commute to-and-fro as we used to, until this situation gets better.

This has understandably caused much frustration for both Singaporeans and Malaysians, regardless of whether they ship to Malaysia or not.


While you might think it’s better to ship to Malaysia by driving up, just remember that there are hidden costs. These can make your trip extremely cost-inefficient. Also, until the COVID-19 Situation gets better, you physically can’t go.

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February 10, 2021
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