Shipping to USA: Cheaper SingPost Alternatives During COVID-19 Service Suspensions (June 2020)

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edit: SingPost Express, the most expensive SingPost tier, is now shipping to certain countries (02 July 2020). Read more about it in our latest update.

SingPost Is Not Delivering Packages > 2 Kg Overseas by Air – COVID 19

As of 26 June 2020, SingPost has stopped all international shipping by air for packages weighing over 2kg. There is still an option to deliver internationally by sea, but the expected shipping time will be significantly delayed. International Registered Mail Services is limited to a few countries. Currently, it is unclear when their services will be resumed.

singpost is no longer delivering packages overseas by air

Source of Information:SingPost SpeedPost Service Updates; SpeedPost International Delivery

On top of the shipping fees and the suspension, there are other costs you need to consider, such as packing materials and waiting times. In this article, I will go through some of these costs, the SingPost delivery suspension, and some alternatives.

Don’t worry, your son in London can still get his care package!

SingPost Rates: How Much Will it Be To Send My Package Now?

SpeedPost Standard, Priority and Express are all suspended till further notice. This gives us little choice if we want to ship heavy packages overseas. We can only use SingPost’s ordinary mail service (with a maximum weight of 2kg) or sea cargo!

Here are the costs for shipping a 2kg package. Using the ordinary mail service without tracking, and preparing the parcel by yourself, the cost climbs to $81.80 for a 2kg package (minus personal effort and travelling time).

Right now, you are paying: $69.50 for shipping fees and an extra $11.80 to pack your parcel.

time and cost of shipping a 2kg package from Singapore to USA with Singpost (June 2020)

Singpost Rates

Box used: SingPost Easy to Fold Carton-M

If you are taking the bus or the MRT to the SingPost office, prepare to spend an extra $2. And time, of course.

SingPost Alternatives: Cheaper, Faster Alternatives?

Cheaper Shipping

Firstly, there are other courier services that offer similar services at (sometimes) cheaper rates. At JustShip, we can ship parcels to the USA for as low as $35. Here are some couriers you can consider.

Singpost Price Comparison – Shipping to USA: 2kg Parcel

Alternatives to SingPost

SingPost Price Comparison

Packing Services

If you just don’t have the time to pack or access to a printer, JustShip has a JustPack service. Contact us for more information.


With the suspension of SingPost’s International delivery services by air, there are limited options to send parcels over 2kg via SingPost. This is a huge problem if you are shipping internationally.

JustShip can solve all your shipping problems. We are shipping internationally by air even during COVID-19. Check out our prices or Get a Quote now.

February 10, 2021
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