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Are you preparing to film abroad with your production crew, distributing camera goods overseas, or merely looking to transport your camera equipment internationally? When it comes to shipping cameras, you must first consider two things:

Firstly, does your camera contain batteries? Items that contain batteries are considered as dangerous goods, which require additional administrative work and special packing requirements to comply with.

Secondly, do you have ample protection? Cameras require fragile packing to ensure safe and successful delivery, preventing damages during transit.

Here are a few suggestions that JustShip has prepared to ensure your camera arrives at its destination safely:

1. Source for your camera or camera battery’s safety data sheet

This safety data-sheet can be obtained from your manufacturer, or from a simple search on Google. Ensure it is accurate as your shipping partner will pack and handle your camera based on that data. (Click here to view a sample of the safety data sheet)

2. Partner with a certified dangerous goods specialist

Based on the safety data sheet you provided, a certified dangerous goods specialist will pack and label your camera appropriately for shipping.

Alternatively, if your camera’s batteries are removable, you can consider shipping your camera without batteries. In this case, you will be able to ship it as a non-dangerous good and can follow the next few steps:

3. Wrap your camera in bubble wrap (2 to 3 layers)

If the camera parts are detachable, have them separated and wrap each item tightly with a few layers (roughly 2 to 3 layers) of bubble wrap. You may need to use tape to hold the bubble wrap in place and to keep the wrapping secured.

4. Ship it in a box that is of a suitable size

Place the wrapped items in the box and ensure that there is at least 2 inches of space between the camera and each side of the box.

5. Fill the gaps with “popcorn”!

Fill the gaps with additional cushioning materials like styrofoam peanuts, styrofoam popcorn, or air pillows. This will provide secondary protection against rough handling and accidents.

The process of shipping and packing a camera can be difficult. If you are looking for a hassle-free shipping experience, JustShip is an affordable ship courier that ships from Singapore to Worldwide. We also have certified dangerous goods specialists that will ensure your camera is shipped safely and without delays.

For shippers looking for a courier from Singapore to Hong Kong, JustShip recently opened up shipping from Singapore to Hong Kong. We also have professional packers that can help you pack your camera in a safe yet cost-efficient way to ensure that you get the cheapest shipping from Singapore to Hong Kong when shipping your camera.

For more information, click on courier service Singapore to Hong Kong. We look forward to helping you ship from Singapore to Hong Kong.

July 27, 2021
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